The Loan Wolf Mission Statement

At the Loan Wolf, our mission is to empower startups and small businesses by providing tailored funding solutions and exceptional payment processing services.

To support our pre-revenue and emerging businesses with funding options and streamlined payment processing solutions we offer our WolfCub Initiative.

Additionally, our exclusive Wolf PayPro System, offers flexible and reliable payment processing solutions to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Finally, we are stronger together, the FastAppPros White Label Product allows you to offer funding to startups or businesses seeking financing solutions, we do all the fulfillment, all you do is send leads to your page. 

We are dedicated standing out in the finance industry by helping our clients thrive and succeed in the ever-evolving business landscape with transparent and effective methods.

Meet MORE Of Our Funded Clients

Amy Ross

$115,000 Monthly Payment Term Loan

Will Escarmant

$90,000 Business Term Loan

Denise O'Donnell

$150,000 Monthly Payment Term Loan

Zack Kram

$250,000 Advance

Robert Owens

$137,000 Equipment Loan

Phillip Kramer

$50,000 Line of Credit

The Loan Wolf’s Seven Core Values


We strongly believe in conducting our funding operations with integrity, ensuring transparency and honesty in all our interactions with clients and partners. Additionally, our focus is to get you the best offers available for your needs – not fill our pockets with larger fees.


Like the mighty wolf, we embrace the spirit of resilience to overcome challenges and provide funding solutions that help startups and small businesses thrive. Our entrepreneurial wolf spirit allows us to think outside the box for our clients.


Our core value lies in empowering entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary resources, guidance, and tailored funding options to spark growth and success. 70% of businesses close within 5 years – we want to be a part of lowering that number!


We foster a collaborative environment, recognizing that by working together with clients and partners, we can achieve greater results and deliver more impactful funding solutions. Over the past 6 years, we have fostered strong and valuable partnerships with lenders resulting in higher approvals.


We constantly seek new and innovative ways to enhance our funding solutions, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of startups and small businesses. We diligently stay updated on credit updates, lender announcements, emerging challenges, new grants, and tax credits. Our commitment to stay informed extends beyond our funding services.


Although in today’s digital landscape, where scams and online fraud are prevalent, we deeply understand the importance of trust when it comes to financial matters. We strive to build trusted relationships with our clients by delivering transparent and reliable funding solutions, offer open conversations, and a funding process without multiple credit pulls.


At the heart of our values is the commitment to creating a positive impact on the business community. We measure our success not only by the funding we provide, but by the long-term success and growth of the businesses we support. We are an inclusive company that desires to serve the communities often overlooked by traditional banks.

Who is Ashley Gunther, The Creator of The Loan Wolf

The Loan Wolf brand emerged in 2022, following four years of Ashley Gunther's experience in the financing industry. Ashley kick-started her financial career in February 2018 as a co-owner of her first marketplace. Before venturing into finance, she achieved success in e-commerce and marketing, creating seven courses over four years and impacting over 3,000 students globally.

Ashley, along with her team of experts, has facilitated over 20,000 clients in securing more than $1.1 billion in approvals, catering to the needs of startups, businesses, and individuals alike. Amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19, Ashley and her team played a crucial role in assisting 7,000 small businesses in staying afloat with funding options such as EIDL and PPP.

In 2022, Ashley published two solo books on Amazon, adding to her prior success as a bestselling contributing author. In October 2022, Ashley Gunther had the incredible honor of speaking on stage at the Les Brown summit, a significant event in the personal development and motivational speaking sphere. Additionally, she showcased her expertise as a speaker at two other prominent entrepreneurial events held in Florida and Las Vegas.  As of 2023, she launched her two latest courses, the Micro Lender Course and The Loan Brokerage Course, empowering entrepreneurs to become six-figure business owners.

On a far more personal note....

Ashley's journey began in Maine, where she grew up relying on food stamps and endured an abusive upbringing with parents who doubted her potential for success. In 2005, she departed Maine in pursuit of a greater future and found herself in Nashville, TN. It was during this challenging period that Ashley discovered entrepreneurship while navigating homelessness and relying on unemployment benefits. Ashley has become a vocal advocate for Mental Health Awareness. 

Frequently asked questions?

  Are You A Direct Lender?

We are a consulting agency that works directly with lenders strategically to get you the lowest available offers to consider.  

  Will My Credit Be Hard Pulled?

We work with our lenders on a soft pull system allowing us the ability to get you multiple offers without negative affects.

  Do I Need To Personally Guarantee These Loans?

There are very few funding options that come without a personal guarantee, and we do not offer those, unless its through our business credit program.

  Can I Use My EIN To Obtain A Loan?

Although your EIN number will be requested on business funding applications, there is no such thing as an EIN ONLY loan, this is a common misconception.

  Are There Any Hidden or Additional Fees?

You will never pay The Loan Wolf company.  Our expert help comes to you at NO COST.  The lenders or recommended agencies are the ones that pay us, so you don't have to.

  What Do You Do With My Information?

We only use your information to work with our lenders and experts to get you the funding, or payment processing you need.  We never resell, or give your information out without your prior consent.




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